Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Are Just Busy!!!!

My life is just busy. Since Hannah has started school I have no time to do anything.

Hannah is doing great in school. The really great news is she is potty trained. I am saving on diapers. Hannah is really into Barbies. She plays for hours and hours. Hannah turns 4 in 2 weeks, we are having her party at the Maryland Zoo.

Gracie girl is just amazing!!! She has had her verbal explosion. She has become a mama's girl. My favorite line is "mommy old u". She is a cuddlier and a love bug.

Dean is doing great very busy with work. That's really it for him.

I have cut back my hours a lot.I am sick of the crap at work so it's just time to be home more. I am having surgery soon. The cyst that was on my right ovary has ruptured. The pain is absolutely horrible.

This is not a fun post sorry. I have a list of things to tell you. Right, now Hannah is nagging me to watch Jon & Kate plus 8 with her. You really don't have to twist my arm on that on. I heart Jon & Kate plus 8 .

I will write soon

take care


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Hurray for potting training! GLad you are doing well (except for the ovarian cyst) and staying busy with your two girls.

Take care of yourself through the surgery!

nelly said...

so happy to see a post from you! and so glad that the girls are well and getting big! gracie sounds lovely and a party at the zoo for hannah sounds like great fun.
i am so sorry about your cyst and pain. i pray that it all goes well during the surgery and that you feel much much better!

DBN said...

Sorry to hear about the cyst. I hope you are feeling better soon.