Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happenings In Red Headed Mommy Land

Let's start with the Girl's

She is eating much better these days.
Her brain is a little sponge. She amazes me everyday with something new.
She is excited about Halloween. She is going to be a fairy princess.
Hannah's favorite book right now is "Green Eggs and Ham". We read it every night!
She doesn't stop talking unless she is sleeping.
her smile lights up my day
she is the best cuddlier ever

Crawling everywhere
Saying "Mama" all the time
Crawling to Hannah and kisses her and then pulls her hair.
Clapping and waving
waking up at 5:00 in the morning to eat
she plays well by herself
smiles so cute shows her gums
teething big time
tasted icecream last night...Loved it!!!!!
wants her mommy all the time
looks adorable in overalls

work is getting busier
busy with teaching religion;going very well
asked to teach again next semester
ask to speak with my husband on why we chose marriage, at our church
trying to get my house in order
had the worst migraine ever Friday night
taking the girls a lot to the park
trying to exercise more then twice a week
loving my husband more everyday
really trying to watch my spending
loving my life
Zoloft now has a generic!!!!!
blessed to have bloggy friends

So this is what is going at our house. Hope everybody is well.


Jamie said...

Sounds like lots of exciting things going on! I hear you on the climbing stairs. That's great that you've been asked to teach again...what a complement!

Katie said...

Sounds like you are really involved as a mom, employee, and teacher! That's awesome!

nelly said...

glad that things are going well!!! your girls sounds adorable!!!
thanks for comments on my blog =) always appreciate them...my mom has been busy buying stuff and borrowing stuff for the boys! can't wait to get home now!!