Friday, October 13, 2006

Thank You

Thank You to all my bloggy friends for such nice well wishes and thoughts.

Dean is doing much better. He still gets headaches and a little sore but not as bad as it was.

I am so grateful he is okay. I can't imagine my life without him. I have hugged and kissed him a lot more. I am actually planning a getaway weekend for just the two of us. We soooooooooooooo need it!!!!

Gracie had her 9 month well visit. Gracie is 21.5lbs she has 4 teeth coming in. The pediatrician said I am doing a great job with her. I told her that Gracie is waving,clapping and doing so big. Gracie is also doing the sign for more. Gracie did the sign for Debbie(pediatrician) she was very impressed. Debbie still advised that I keep giving her Zantac if she is in distress. I can tell a difference when she hasn't had it for a while. Mama don't sleep at all.

Gracie has a new boyfriend. Brandon the triage nurse. Well Brandon is just so awesome. Brandon held Gracie for a minute and she wouldn't come back to me. Brandon also is very informative about the girls . He know his stuff and knows when to say come in. I can call him about anything pertaining to the girls and he calls me back. I could have tons of questions on the phone and he will answer them all.

So Brandon if you are reading this we heart you here at Readheaded Mommy Land. You are truly a blessing in our lives. Thanks for taking good care of the girls and me too. Thanks also for the 3 cases of rock.

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So glad he's doing better. Take advantage of that weekend away. I think us mom's need to do that more often then we do and not feel guilty about it!