Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Little Pumpkin

Happy 10 months my sweet pumpkin. You and Hannah had so much fun at the farm today. You were so good watching your sister do all the activities.
I found out today that you really like apple cider donuts. You were all smiles when you were eating it.

So what can you do that is new this month. I ask you to give me a hug you put your head on my shoulder. You give the best open mouth kisses ever very slobbery. You get frustrated with Hannah and push her away.You still think she is the best no matter what. When I walk in the room you say "hi". You are getting better with people food. Your favorite book right now is "Good Night Moon". You can use your sippy cup really well. You love tang watered down!

Gracie, you get sweeter and sweeter by the day. You smile all the time and laugh more and more. I love you so much Thank You for giving me such happiness.


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Jamie said...

Amelia (my 19-month-old) LOVES Goodnight Moon, too! Hannbah is such a cutie.