Monday, June 30, 2008


I have been home since 7:30pm. The marvelous Dr.M found significant amounts of Endometriosis. He excised the Endo and looked for clean tissue. Dr.M told my husband that I have large veins in my girly compartments which can lead to a lot of pain. So he is going to treat that with pain medicine. I will be starting Lupron I guess soon.

Hannah is with my parents and Gracie Girl came home with us. Gracie's vocabulary is rally picking up.So tonight this was a conversation with Gracie."Mama u bellwee ert n u doe 2 da dotter's?" "Yes Grace ,my belly hurts and Dr.M fixed me up so I can take care of you" "Oh,Mama u b fine otay" Wow, I love that girl so much.

So if any of you are having a bad day call her she will make it better or you will dye laughing.

Hannah told my Mom that she wanted Gracie to go home so she could have her Memom(my mother) to herself. Hannah loves her Memom so much. God only knows what their going to do together. Last time they were together they got their hair cut and a manicure. It's the life I tell ya it's the life.

You might be wondering why I am typing this right after surgery, well Percocet and Dilauded really kick ass. I don't feel a thing right now. I talked to my friend Beth who is a Gyn and she said I will be feeling it in the morning. Oh,yay!!!!!!!


Bridgett said...

Oh, the things we go through for those lovely kids! :^) Hope you're not feeling it too bad today.

Erin said...

1) Glad to hear you finally have some answers. I hope you are on the mend quickly! :)

2) I can tell you were on something while writing this. ;)