Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Question and I Need To Vent About Parenthood

Does anybody else feel so tired that a truck might have run them over? Cause that's the way I feel.

So I called Gracie's pediatrician,they seem to think something else is going on besides teething. So we agreed that she should be seen tomorrow.

I called Carters and told them about Gracie wearing the outfit. Customer service told me email a picture of her in the blue. They will send it to advertising. She wears enough Carters that I think they should see her in it.

I called home today to check on the girls. Hannah got on the phone and told me her eyes hurt. Then she said,"mommy come home and get me". I explained to her that I would be home soon. It so cool how she understands what I am saying. When I was walking out the door she said,"mommy kiss and hug one last time". I think she needs some one on one time with me. I really miss her when I am at work. She and I do so much together.

Last night she came and got in bed with us. I am sound asleep,she wakes me up and says,"Mommy,I trick or treat."

Usually Hannah is very stand offish with my father. She is like that with a lot of people. So we were all in the family room and she looks at my father and says,"I love you Terry." That put a big smile on my dads face.

One night last week we were saying the Lords Prayer. I finished with God Bless,Mommy,Daddy, Hannah and Mary Grace,Memom,Terry,Mommom and Poppop,amen. Hannah kept going. "God Bless Tiernan and Bailey and Brody. God Bless Aunt Shell(Michele)and Uncle Micheal.God Bless, Uncle Brian and Maddie,Lizzie,Olivia and Aunt Cath and Uncle Cake(Craig)". We let her finish and we were just speechless. Dean and I high-fived each other we were so proud.

I really try hard with the girls. I instill what I think is important. Hannah knows that family is important so is praying,and loving God. Being polite and thankful is also important. It's my job as a parent to make sure she follows through with these things.

I really believe that being a parent you need to be responsible. Know who your kids are playing with. I may work 35 hours a week but dammit parenting is hard work. Can I get an Amen? Dean and I make the rules and we set the boundaries.

Dean and I are really blessed. My parents and inlaws help with the girls. We work our schedules the best way we can. We make sure if we can help it, that nobody is with the girls longer then 4 hours.We try to make it that our days off are not the same. Somedays it's longer but we make up for it.

I want to look back on this blog when my kids get older. I want to say hey I did a great job. I want to remember how awesome my kids are.I also need to tell myself I am not a failure at anything.

Thanks I feel better now.

Hope everybody is well!!!


Anne said...

I am trying like the devil to see where you might hae offended anyone. Your post wasn't even a ranting crazy person vent like mine so please, Woman! You have no reason to apologise. Ever. Esepcially on your own blog. Everyone blogs for different reasons. Now get some rest!

Nicole said...

You're doing a great job. Parenting is so hard, but so worth it.

And if anybody gives you trouble? Send 'em my way. We'll have words.

nelly said...

parenting is hard but it sounds like you are doing an awesome job!! hannah sounds like a delight and i can't wait for micah to reach that stage where i can reason with him too!!!
as for saying prayers at night, andy and i aren't consistent enough in that category! its so hard to get micah to sleep in the first place that that is where we focus i think!
so thanks for this blog! i'll take it to heart!!

Jamie said...

Hang in there! I am constantly exhausted, or so it seems. Seriously I think I am anemic half the darn time and I'm not...I'm just pooped!

Sounds like you are doing a great job. I love that you called Carter's!

Katie said...

Definitely AMEN about parents setting the rules and boundaries. It is so important to set boundaries and instill good values-- love, praying, manners, and being respectful. Sounds like you may be tired, but your hard work is paying off. Bravo!