Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thankful Mondays

My parents making a anniversary dinner for me so I wouldn't be alone while Dean was working. Dean works late every Wednesday.

Coming home to see a dozen roses from my husband sitting on the kitchen table.

Gracie falling asleep in my arms.

Gracie saying "hi" went I enter the room.

Hannah loving pizza!!! "mommy this pizza is really good I like it".

My new reading glasses!!!

Hannah not crying after her flu shot.

Having lunch with my husband and holding his hand across the table.

Meeting kellibelly she is so nice.

Having dinner with my family in Downtown Baltimore. My sister turned 40!!!

My glass of wine and the 2 drinks to follow. I was good all night.

Seeing my sister have a good time.

Having such a wonderful family. They know how to party!!!

I got a new perfume it's called "Pure White Linen" by Estee Lauder"

What are you thankful for?

Have great week!!!!



I'm glad you had a good time on your night on the town :0) Hopefully we can get together again soon :0)

Jamie said...

What a fun weekend!

I am thankful for my family being close by and providing great free babysitting.

Anne said...

Great list as usual. I am thankful that my sister lives in the same town and that Shan's entire family lives within the county, or close to it. and of course, i am thankful for my sweet baby girls who got stuck with me!