Monday, November 06, 2006

Thankful Monday

Having lunch with Erin and Ben. Erin is such a good friend. We also like doing the same things.Like Babies R Us and Red Robin.

My new Tim McGraw CD. I love his music. I could listen the song "Live Like You Were Dying" over and over again.

Watching Gracie splash in the tub. Laughing as the water fills the tub.

Hannah taking my hand to into the family room so we can cuddle. Then she falls asleep in my arms. I just love that feeling.

Hearing laughter in the other room from two little girls that love their Daddy.

The sale at Giant on baby food!!! Saving money!!!

My mom coming over to watch the girls today. She comes every Monday and brings the girls something. Just knowing that my mom is watching the girls makes me happy.

Seeing Gracie put her arms out for her Poppop.

November 8th celebrating the day I said "I do" to my husband.

Reading comments from my bloggy friends. It's like Christmas!!!!!

What are you Thankful for?


OddMix said...

That was just lovely! Thank you for sharing and, um... merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love Tim McGraw too. That song always makes me tear up.

Glad you got to have some girlie time . We know how important that is.

Anonymous said...

btw, I am thankful for my life and that I soend everyday surrounded by people that truly love me.

Anonymous said...


Jamie said...

Glad you had a fun lunch!

I'm thankful for my mother-in-law, who drove down today to watch Amelia since she has a bad cold.

I'm thankful I decided to bring our leftover Halloween candy to work today because I couldn't stop eating it! :)

Katie said...

Thankful that my baby had a happy day today and that we danced to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" tonight while I was cooking dinner!


Those are a lot of things to be thankful for! Why don't we get together soon. We can meet at Starbucks or something. Get the girls together. That would be fun. I don't see a place to send you an email so heres mine. Then we can figure out a day :0)

nelly said...

i'm thankful for your thankful mondays...reminding us to be thankful!! i give thanks to god for my family, both far and near!

Nicole said...

I'm glad there are other people who think BRU and Red Robin is a great way to spend time.

God, I am lame. So lame. But so, so happy.

Mrs. Belle said...

Also thankful for my family, my friends I have met, and all my internet friends that I hope to meet one day.