Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick Or Treat....... Smell My Feet!!!

I am so tired I can't stand it. I have been up everynight with Gracie. She is going through a growth spurt and teething. She also has a fever and a gooey nose.

Hey Moms out there isn't that a sign that teeth are coming in?

Happy Halloween!!! We did celebrate. Hannah was Cinderella, Gracie was Carters model. Well, only because I didn't have the energy to dress her up. So I put on a new outfit by Carters. She looks so "Pretty in Blue".

We went to my parents house to trick or treat. The kids get the good candy in my parents neighborhood. Hannah went up to every house and said, "trick or treat". She walked for a long time. Gracie sat in the stroller and drank her bottle.

My sister,who is 10 years older than me looked so cute as "Little Miss Muffett". My adorable nephews who I could just hug and kiss all the time looked amazing took good care of Hannah during the walk. My husband reported that my one nephew helped Hannah up and down the stairs.

Here in Baltimore it was warm so it made a good night to trick or treat.

So it was a fun evening. The girls were asleep within minutes of leaving my parents house.

So that was our Halloween in a nut shell. When I get my energy back I will post more.



Glad you guys had a good Halloween! ianna's nose has been running for like a month!I feel you on the not getting any sleep.

Anne said...

Things will get better with Gracie. I hope it's nothing more than teething and that you can get some rest! (And how could I ever be pissed off with you?! Crazy! I've just been busy gaining a lot of weight over here!)