Friday, September 15, 2006

Dearest Hannah,

Tomorrow you will turn 2&1/2. I just can't believe how grownup you are getting.You amaze me everyday with something new and exciting.

You really have adjusted well with Gracie coming into our family. You really love her and you are always asking where's Gracie. You are such a little mother to her. When she is crying you put your arm around her and say"Gracie it's okay I'm here and so is Mommy".Or you ask me "what's wrong with Gracie?" You always want to help me with her. You are such a good sister.When Gracie gets older she will read this letter and know how much you love her.

Hannah your my comedian!! You love to tell knock knock jokes. Your punchlines make daddy and I laugh so hard. Daddy and I love watching you. You dance and sing and like to be so silly. You love to wear you red dress and dance and sing "Sally wears her red dress".

You are a very polite little person. You always are saying "please" and "no,thank you". When someone sneezes you say,"bless you".When I say "thank you" say "your welcome". You have been doing this for the last 5 months. Somehow I forgot to put this in your letter.

The other night I had to take you to Patient First. You were holding your head and your ear crying really hard. I knew right away that you had an ear infection. The doctor checked your ears and sure enough you had a ear infection. I didn't know that you had the starting on pneumonia. The doctor put you on some medicine think you are feeling better.

I wish you would eat more. You hardly eat anything during the day. You pick at everything that is on your plate.

I really miss you during the day. I can't wait to come home and hold you. You and Gracie already fight over my lap. Since you have been really sick you like to sleep with me and daddy. So I am really tired tonight so do you think you could sleep in your bed tonight,please.

One of your phrases that you say all the time now is"I told you I not sayin no." Your one phrase that completes all the things I say over and over again.

You are half way to three and all of a sudden I feel old. You are growing like crazy sometimes I can't keep up.

The next couple of months let's work on the potty training and no binkies except for bedtime. I know you can do it because everyday you show how amazing you are.

Keep up the good work Hannah B. Mommy loves you so much,I would be lost without you.




Anne said...

sweet sweet sweet. more goodness she will love to read when she is older.

Renee said...

I love this:
"I told you I not sayin no."

Jamie said...

I bet she will do great on potty training and the no more binky! We struggled with that one, too. Hope she is feeling much better!