Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's Hard Work Being A Good Mom

Recently Hannah has this bad habit. When I ask her to come here she says"what". It drives me crazy.

So now everytime she says that to me I say "Hannah do not what me, you say to mommy Yes Mam". I said this to her over and over again. I know how Hannah learns she needs consistency. I know it will pay off in the end, she is a smart little girl.

So last night my hard work payed off. We were walking through the grocery store and I asked her to come. She ran up to me and said "yes mam". I said to Hannah," thank you for being polite that is what Mommy wants to here". I gave her a big hug in the store and she told me," I love you mommy, you happy with me"? I smiled and nodded at her and said "yes I am".

The thing is if she never said that to me I would always be happy with her. She makes my bad days turn into good days. I really never thought anybody could ever love me as much as she does. I never thought I could ever have so much love for Hannah and Gracie as much as I do.


Jamie said...

Yea for Hannah! I am really working on yes ma'am/no ma'am with Caitlin. She also says "YEAH" all the darn time and it drives me batty. Just keep the positive reinforcements and praise coming and she'll continue to work on her great manners.

Renee said...

Sweet girl. Mine took years before they got the hang of the 'yes ma'am' bit!

and rudeness said...

Congrats! Isn't the word "what?!" awful?!

I have been working with Bubba to say "please" and all I get is "Tank you".

Thank you is better than nothing!