Friday, September 22, 2006

What's Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who watched Grey's Anatomy last night? Is it me or was it a little disappointing?

I love what Dr.Mcdreamy said to Meredith,I actually teared up.

Christine suprised me with her crying. I didn't know she could really cry.

The chief of surgery I am not very happy about. Not being honest in the very beginning to his wife and the ending. Shame on the Chief of surgery Shame!

I heart Dr. Bailey last night,I saw an some compassion I didn't know she had.

Well I just wanted everybody to know my opinion.

What's yours?


Anne said...

I am back to being torn between Finn and McDreamy...all because of last night's episode. Up until then I was sick to death of McDreamy.

And I loved Yang breaking down. It made ME cry!

Renee said...

I feel like the only one on the planet that doesn't watch that show. Sorry I can't give my input.

Katie said...

I've never watched Grey's. Sorry. I've also never watched Desperate Housewives.
I haven't watched network shows (besides reality stuff) since Friends went off the air.

Erika said...

I thought it was pretty good, but I also was a little disappointed. But then, if I really think about it, most season openers are on the disappointing side. They are reminding the audience what happened and letting new watchers get caught up. So very rarely does much ever happen in season premieres.

I've always loved Miranda Bailey - she's true to herself and she was great on Thursday.

I love the parallel between Meredith and Derek's relationship with the Chief and Meredith's mother. Very interesting!

Aren't you loving that it's on at 9pm now?

Rachael said...

I actually loved it. I hate Meridith though. So I was mad when MCDreamy told her he loved her. He needs to go back to Addison. She rules the school and is way hotter.
I did love DR. Baily last night. She is one of the strongest character on that show. I love her!