Monday, September 25, 2006

Dearest Mary Grace,

I can't believe that you are 9 months old . Time has really flown by hasn't it. Everyday you do something new.

You are a bundle of energy these days. Daddy and I call you baby jungle gym because all you want to do is climb and stand. You hold on to things and walk. You pull yourself up onto everything. You really love your Johnny Jump up and you bounce all the time. You even bounce when your not in the Johnny Jump Up. It makes Daddy and I laugh really hard.

I tried some puffs made by Gerber. You love them you can't get them down fast enough. I also gave you some Sunny Delight. You woofed that down in minutes. You love rice and fried rice. All these things keep you busy while I get things done around the house.

I really like the way you play by yourself with your toys. You really get annoyed when Hannah takes something away from you.

Hannah loves you so much. She wakes you up in the morning even if your not ready. You always smile at her like your saying,"it's okay sister I am happy to see you".

Sometimes when I come to get you in the morning you are standing in your crib waiting for me. I am greeted with your big gummy smile.

Gracie, you suprised me the other day with your waving. You are just so cute I could kiss your cheeks all day.

Mary Grace Mommy loves you so much. Thank You for being such a good little baby.

Love Mommy.


Rachael said...

Awww! Happy 9 months!

Jamie said...

Happy 9 months to your sweet girl! My girls are close, too (although sometimes my oldest denies it.) :)