Saturday, September 02, 2006

She Has Dicovered The Steps

Yesterday I had my normal half day from work. I just picked up Gracie because Hannah was playing with her cousins. Gracie and I did our Saturday Target run for diapers. She was in a chatty mood so we took our time.

Gracie insisted that I take a picture of her on the step. So cute !!! So cute!!!!!

Oh, I have a question has anybody tried Target's diapers? I am afraid to buy them, I hate leaks.

If not what diapers do you like best? I am taking a survey. So please tell me.


Renee said...

What a sweetie! I love the shininess of her lips due to baby drool!

Katie said...

We primarily use Costco brand diapers. I think the brand name is called "Kirkland." You get more for the money and they are a decent diaper. I do think that Huggies & Pampers are best, but I only get those on sale at Target.

and rudeness said...

Oh Gracie is a CUUUTIE!

We have tried Target brand diapers and I wasn't too pleased. They are forever out of my Size 4 Luv's... Is EVERY child in America wearing a Size 4?

When I tried the Target brand when Bubba was smaller, they worked great but recently the 22-37 lb. range didn't work out too well. She seems to leak out the front alot.

However, I do use the Target brand wipes and I love them!! (Our "Target Run" day is Thursday! LOL)

Good Luck!